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FOX News
Jun 22, 2013 1:30pm PDT
: and cost of freedom continues with the place for business, that is always right. >> eric: sarah palin is here the governor and i fired up about distrust of the government as irs targets conservatives. now we're learning $70 million in bonuses and your tax dollars lining their wallets. what does she think about that? >> and does the f.b.i. owner currently use drones and if so for what purpose? >> yes, sir and for surveillance. >> eric: shock and awe. now, they are using them to spy on americans. now, your privacy on the line. and reaction from a shocking exclusive interview with the father of the nsa whistleblower ed snowden. he is fired up and what he says will shock you. "cashin' in" blowing the whistle on big brother right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. in a moment we'll explore the latest with "cashin' in" crew and joining us will be colonel alan west. joining me my very good friend and fox news contributor, sarah palin. governor, welcome. we obviously can't trust the irs. they proved that by targeting conservatives and now the agency is giving their union employees $70 million pai
Jun 19, 2013 4:30am PDT
to solve the issue. it could pump $17030 million in san jose's economy. >> eric: and we were first to break the story on twitter. you can get breaking news alerts any time. follow us at "abc 7 news" bay area and we have been getting reaction on facebook. share your opinion there. >> kristen: crews are in fairfield around a grass fire that spread to a motel. it started arnd around 6:45. it spread to a roof of a motel 6 and a row of palm trees outside a motel. firefighters say everyone was evacuated before motel rooms were damaged. >> it was pretty close, five to ten feet away. >> open the door and smoke came in and ambers were everywhere. it looked like a big firestorm. >> eric: the flames also got close to a gas station with about 30,000 gallons of fuel. fire trucks rolled just in time and put out the flames feet from the gas station. >> eric: bart police chief is set to announce she bringing in a national auditor to assess the reforms imposed since the shooting of oscar grant. he want to make sure bart police get increased visibility and provide proper training. oscar grant was shot and ki
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 1:30pm PDT
dividend. >> neil: 30 minutes in, hope springs eternal. >> eric: first the government, now somebody selling you out, nsa selling you out. one company throwing the red carpet to snoop on you. take it easy on the taxman. they are blowing the irs scandal out of proportion and now evidence suggestion that neither party is being tough enough, "cashin' in" asking the tough questions right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. our crew, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and jehmu greene and you heard about verizon being forts today hand over private phone records to uncle sam. now the company may have built a fiberoptic cable to the government so it can access that information. tracy, what about private companies? >> it's all about transparency. i get the need gather intelligence. to keep this country safe. we should know what is happening. to do this behind our back is so untrustworthy. i have verizon and i'm pissed off about it >> eric: senator rand paul is looking to suing verizon. >> is he serious about area 51 come on. they are not alex jones crazy yet. conspiracy theories about business selling
FOX News
Jun 16, 2013 8:00am PDT
'm eric shawn. i'm heather childers, in for jamie colby. the details are classified, but we may be learning more as early as tomorrow and lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are responding to the latest claims. steve centanni is live in washington with more. steve. >> reporter: former vice-president dick cheney, one of the architects of our current security arrangement said that nsa leaker eric snowden is a traitor and that president obama is wrong when he says the war on terrorism is winding down. >> first of all, he's wrong. it is not winding down. if you look at part of the world that is available as safe harbor sanctuary for terrorists and botched ooh tacks against the united states, it runs across north africa. all the places that the muslim brotherhood has come to power. the threat's bigger than ever. and we have the proliferation of nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction. >> reporter: intelligence community briefed congress on the justification for the surveillance programs and claimed that dozens of terrorist attacks were prisoned, though few details were giv
Jun 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
quote gallway, new york and eric fight, 54 years old from hudson, new york, were charged with c s conspireing to provide support to terrorists. they wanted a mobile x-ray gun they could go around and shoot at people who they considered enemies of israel according to the fbi the men frequently mentioned muslims. the goal was to bombard these people with x-rays. nobody would realize it was happening at the moment and later it would cause medical problems was their hope. according to agents, some of the men traveled around trying to find support. they met with people in the south they thought were representing the ku klux klan but as i say they were all undercover operatives and never got materials they needed. they thought they were developing this device but the fbi says it was harmless. >> thank you for those details. "news nation" is following president obama's call to reduce the world's nuclear stockpiles during a dramatic speech in front of a powerful symbol of the cold war. the president and the first lady
Jun 19, 2013 5:00am PDT
>> kristen: good morning on this wednesday. thanks for joining us. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: and i'm eric thomas. what is the temperature going to be like? >> eric: weather and traffic and warmup. >> yes, i do. it will be warmer today. we are still seeing coastal fog, low lying clouds and live doppler 7-hd not picking up any storm clouds as we take a live shot. this is from the exploratorium camera, and 58 in san francisco. oakland at 56. san jose 55. santa cruz, 56 degrees. pretty cool conditions and low lying clouds coming in later on this morning but full accu-weather seven-day forecast. right now, let's head over to traffic where we do have things going on. it's busy for our wednesday morning. we do have an accident southbound along 101 at hillsdale around foster city. it's involving one car but it sounds like that person has a medical emergency. chp units are out there right now. it's building up the volume as you coming down from 92. millbrae avenue, i have construction out there that will last until 6:00 a.m. let's go outside and see what is happening in walnut creek. clear
FOX News
Jun 18, 2013 3:00am PDT
. ♪ ♪ >>gretchen: good morning. brian is at one of his child's graduations so we have eric boling here. >> thanks to be here. beautiful dress. >> thank you. you have some fancy hair going. >> what are you trying to say? bigger this morn little bigger. steve, you've got fancy hair too. >>steve: i would think it's pretty slicked down where i put the brill cream. >>gretchen: let us know what you think about our hair and otherwise. got to get headlines for you. >> overnight bomb attack in afghanistan. three people dead. it happened 90 minutes before the country was set to take control of their own security from nato. the taliban has been calling for more violence leading up to today's handover. u.s. and nato forces will play a supporting role in afghanistan. in the next few months they are going to be replaced entirely by afghan forces. >>> brand-new details about the man who decided to go berserk on a packed airplane. >> somebody help me! somebody help me please s-p >>gretchen: the man shouting he was being poisoned on a united flight on his way from hong kong to newark airport in new jersey. passen
FOX News
Jun 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
'll focus on eric holder's department of injustice and many failure as taking the role as top law enforcement officer. here is what he said he would do, if, in fact, he was confirmed, four years ago. >> i will work to restore the credibility of the department badly shaken by improper political interference. personal actions must be untainted by partisanship. >> well, he seems to have failed miserable until that goal. with scandal after scandal marring his tenure as attorney general. he was actually held in contempt of congress. probably no person has held eric holder's feet to the fire like the chair of the house oversight committee, darryl issa, and he has been getting under the embattled attorney general's skin. take a look at this. >> will you make them available to the committee based on bipartisan request? >> i will certainly look at the request. not something i have personally been involved in. i will look at the request and be as responsive as we can. there must be a good reason only the two and from parts were -- >> yes. you didn't want to us see the details. mr. attorney
FOX Business
Jun 16, 2013 2:30am EDT
father's day, folks. keep it here. continues with another great father, eric foley. "chin'n" is next. >>> first, the government, now are private firms selling you out? as thnsa scandalrupts, one phone company accused of rolling out the red carpet for uncle sam to snoop on you. >>> democrats accusing repubublins of blowg t irs scandal out of proportion. now there's evidenceuggesting neither party is being tough engh. "cashin' in," asking the tough qutions right now. >>> hi, everyone, welcome to "cashin' in." our crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan, tracy, also m. welcome, everybody. so youeard about the verizon being forced to hand over private phone records to uncle sam. now we're hearing the company may have built a special fiber opic cable directly to the government so it can access that information. acy, everyone's focusing on the nsa. hat about private companies? >> yeah. you know why? it's all about transparency. i get the need to gather intelligence and keep this country safe. but we should know what's happening. do this behind our back is so untrustworthy. i have verizon an
Jun 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
is not getting the reception he got five years ago. >> eric: bart is set to make a major announcement about police reforms following the shooting of oscar grant. >> and they are accepting for this woman. they say she fell asleep on the beach and then just vanished. good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> eric: i'm eric thomas. will the temperatures be warmer, as well? >> yes, they will. in fact, it's going to be a slight uptick in temperatures. we still have the low pressure coming in. that is bringing cooler conditions than normal, but it will start to normalize later this week. as we take a look at exploratorium cam. this will be a pretty cool start for the day, 54 degrees and mid 50s pretty much across the bay area. you can expect to see temperatures rising to about 78 degrees inland and into the mid-60s around the bay. i'll have more for you coming up in just a little bit. for now, what is happening in south bay. we have a lot to get to. slowing in many places and high wind advisories. breezy conditions across the bay area but we do have a small. this sliong westbound highway 4 and dipping do
FOX News
Jun 22, 2013 8:30am PDT
one business block continues with cashin in and my buddy eric boler. >> sarah palin is here governor and i fired up with distrust of the government. now we are learning irs is giving themselves cent million dollars in bonus and what does sarah think about that? >> and does the fbi own or currently use drones and if so, for what purpose? >> yes, and for surveillance. >> talk about shock and a we. fbi using drones to spy on americans. now the governor weighs in and reaction from my shocking interview with father of whistle blower mr. snowden. and what he said will shock you. cashin' in blowing the whistle on big brother right now. >> hi, everyone. i am eric poling. we'll be going full speed a head and explore the latest in washington. and also colonel allen west is here. joining me in the hot seat good friend and fox news contributor sarah palin. governor, welcome. we can't trust the irs. they proved that by targeting conservatives. and they are giving union employees 70 million in bonus paid for by the taxpayer. it is not sitting well with you. >> no only a government would collect a
Jun 15, 2013 5:30pm EDT
friend, eric, in liz haunch of the new book "front row seat," the bush administration had the honor and privilege of running the white house's website,, so every morning we started, obviously, almost like a blank slate waiting if the conference of the day and whether it was text, video, what have you, i told eric the photos were the paint every day that filled the day that helped tell the story of the george w. bush presidency. so good to see former colleagues, and it's a pleasure for edelman to host the event here tonight, and with that, i'll introduce anit amc bride, former staff of laura bush. [applause] >> good evening, everyone. thanks so much for coming. this has been an incredible turnout, and, in fact, eric, as you know, he was on fox news as one of his interviews, and i went on facebook and said, eric, when are you doing your party in washington? he responded right back, would you be willing to host it? [laughter] >> immediately. >> david, thank you so much for hosting us here at edelman, and brian mccormick with the list, and all the cohe'ses here. i won't s
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 2:00pm PDT
>> hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, with bob beckel, eric bolling, andrea tan tear rose and greg gutfeld fold. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city and this is the five. >> we're going to kick off the showow with a little faith book free for all.we w we're answering some of your questions knit smithed on our facebook page. there are lots offsu hot topics with the scandals in washington, including the nsa leak and snowden, irs targeting benghazia the department of justice reporter probe and much more. huge response. almost 4,000 posts.e. so thanks to everyone formost participating and i hope those of you that didn't feel bad right now. i've got the questions rightfeel here. vanna, the envelope. all right. i mean, somebody needs to give him a b-12 shot. come on.b let's participate. this question, first question goes to everyone. we'll start with greg 'cause he looks to apathetic. question, does anyone thinkooks edward snowden might have been a spy for china the whole time? it actual israeli a good bobowed question. >> he's not sexy enough to be am spy. you don't have thatwh
FOX News
Jun 21, 2013 2:00pm PDT
, they fire her. >> do you honestly believe like eric said, do you think she stopped using it 20 years ago? or the rest of the stuff? honestly -- >> we haven't even brought up what she wanted as an ideal wedding, the plantation style wedding, which is probably the most offensive part, which was using black men, waiters. >> in white suits, black bow ties. >> every one of them holding a lantern up front. >> bob, as somebody who has a lot of experience in begging and begging and begging for forgiveness, do you think she should be forgiven. do you think this apology was sufficient? >> no, because she -- i would have said that's true about most of the other things she said. when it comes to a racist joke, using racist comments, that's where i draw the line. i think everybody should be gone. >> meaning regardless she used it in the past in a personal conversation, are you being more specific about her workplace and the fact she was allowing this type of thing to go on? >> i would forgive her for the pornography thing. i am the last person to get in a glass house and all of that. i just think you
Jun 17, 2013 5:00am PDT
sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's find out what the weather looks like. leyla? >> yeah, i hope everyone had a great father's day and hope they're maybe sleeping in this monday morning, although by the looks of the traffic, doesn't seem like it. a look at our live doppler 7 hd radar, not seeing any returns out there, but more cloud cover later on today. here's a gorgeous got from our roof cam. take a peek at that. beautiful overlooking the exploratorium towards treasure island, the bay bridge just beautiful. here's what we're looking at for the next several hours. inland, seeing a jump up of about 6 degrees inland. bay areas seeing really temperatures topping out in the mid 70s by the coast. some chances of drizzle and cooler temperatures out there. let's take a look at what our traffic is doing now and see what -- how things are shaping up. kind of a busy start to our amo morning. a couple motorcycle crashes, those seem to have cleared up. now the amount mont pass as you come over in the westbound direction out of tracy, certainly we're going to be seeing that bumper to bumper traffic,
FOX News
Jun 19, 2013 11:00pm PDT
, with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, and greg gutfeld. it is 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." the tea party movement roaring back to life with the largest gathering in washington, d.c. since 2010. thousands of supporters gathered outside the capitol to stand up from targeting from the irs and push back on big government. several republican lawmakers were there, including ted cruz, rand paul, steve king. >> what's happening with the irs is an absolute outrage. >> we're stick and tired of government bullies, we need to send them home. >> if broad federal government can track every phone call, track every internet activity, track your credit card, track your cell phone and if the irs then can have a software package to focus their enforcement on the enemies of the president of the united states, this big brother has gotten creepier than george orwell thought it would ever get. >> we will kick this around. eric, wanted to ask you how after maybe a little time of being apart the mainstream republicans are establishment, and the tea party have a reason to com
FOX News
Jun 22, 2013 2:00pm PDT
? >> do you believe honestly likeat eric said, where there is smoke,hone you think she just stopped using it 20 years ago? i mean, honestly -- >> we haven't even brought up what she wanted as an ideal wedding. the plantation style wedding which is probably the most offensive part which was using black men as waiters. >> in white suits and black bowers. ties. >> yeah. e >> bob, as somebody who has a lot of experience in begging begging, begging forgiveness, do you think that she should be forgiven? do you think this apology was sufficient? >> no. because she -- i would have saidnt? that's true about most of the other things she said, but when it comes to a racist joke like that using racist comments, that's where i draw the i think everybody should be gone. >> meaning regardless of she's used it in the past in ang r personal conversation, are you being more specific about hernal workplace and the fact that she was allowing this type of thinger to go on? >> i would forgive her about the go pornography thing because i
Jun 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
'm eric thomas. for you dads out there, hope you got everything you deserved, wanted, you know, whatever those two things are. let's check in with leyla gulen for the weather forecast. >> that's right. i don't know if you deserve this cooler weather, but i don't know, men tend to like cooler weather. the ladies, i think, like the hotter weather. i don't know. right now as we look at our live doppler 7-hd radar and satellite, we see clouds starting to creep in over the bay area. certainly fog along the coast, chances of drizzle. but here's a look at our -- our day planner for the next 12 hours. 58 degrees, cool start to our day. we will see temperatures starting to warm up just a little bit around the bay. 56 to 64 degrees by noon. 74 will be your high at 4:00 p.m. with a cooldown, as the clouds come back again. so we are going to be seeing a little bit warmer temperatures, but cool again tomorrow. and then it starts to warm up as we start heading towards the end of the week. more on that with your accu weather seven-day forecast. but now let's take a look at our traffic, shall we? okay.
FOX News
Jun 14, 2013 11:00pm PDT
. amazing. eric would run the department of commerce. >> or treasury. >> i like you as social chairman. >> you would be good at it. political director. you can take your snacks in the green room. our senior producer would be carney. >> you would not run the secret service. the stuff i see on that phone -- >> what would i do. >> you would be good. i fws i should clearly get it. i will make myself el presidente. >> you don't have to do a work. >> a spanish soap opera. >> novella. >> do you speak spanish? >> have we met? >> you are puerto rican. >> we are going go to a break. up next, the double down step away. up next, interesting equipments in the irs scandal. president obama and eric holder promise to get the bottom of the what happened, but we are now learning that is not quite the case. the details directly ahead. nothing in the monitor to bump out. >>> welcome back and it may be the worst of all of them for team obama. the president claimed he was angry. they said investigate and he would investigate and people would be held accountable. listen closely to this to the rest of it. >>
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 1:00pm PDT
good dividend. >> neil: 30 minutes in, hope springs eternal. >> eric: first the government, now somebody selling you out, nsa selling you out. one company throwing the red carpet to snoop on you. take it easy on the taxman. they are blowing the irs scandal out of proportion and now evidence suggestion that neither party is being tough enough, "cashin' in" asking the tough questions right now. >> eric: i'm eric boling. our crew, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig and jehmu greene and you heard about verizon being forts today hand over private phone records to uncle sam. now the company may have
FOX News
Jun 22, 2013 1:00pm PDT
with the irs bonuses after this. she is sounding off at o eric boling. and don't believe the hype. it's what made the headlines that should have all workers worried. every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations, we invest more in the u.s. than any other place in the world. in fact, we've invested over $55 billion here in the last five years - making bp america's largest energy investor. our commitment has never been stronger. with crest pro-health clinical. after my last dentist's visit, i was like, "i need to take this up a notch." [ male announcer ] try crest pro-health clinical together to keep your teeth 97% as clean as a dental cleaning. i mean, there's a difference right from the beginning. my mouth felt cleaner. i could really feel it changing something for the better. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health clinical. ahh, look who's not an amateur anymore! my mouth is so clean my dentist almost didn't know what to do. i
Jun 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
they told me to stand in one place, i am use this mic. before i bring up eric mcdonald from the united way. raise your hands if you have comment cards, we will give you one more opportunity get those collected. now we will hear from eric mcdonald from united way and the summer job plus success in 2012. >> good evening, mayor and supervisors and department heads, eric mcdonald. summer jobs plus, briefly, a partnership between the mayor's office and work development and school district as well as department of children, youth and family. last summer the mayor stepped up to provide jobs for young people. success for over 5200 jobs. 39% started at summer jobs and became permanent jobs. our long-time vision is to create a pipeline for young people and to have jobs for school academies, and college and ultimately higher education. we have a growing workforce ready for the job as the economy continues to grow. this summer the goal is 6,000. we will be launching on april 30, launching at city hall at 11 a.m. may 11, for the young people, musconnie center west, we will have a youth resource fair fo
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 9:00am PDT
it expects to get answers from eric holder next week concerning the investigation of force news reporter han did he n. molly. >> republican congressman bob goodlatt of virginia, the chair of the house judiciary committee has said attorney general eric holder has agreed to respond in writing by the end of business on wednesday and brief lawmakers in a closed door session in the coming weeks. specifically, the lawmakers want to know why holder seemed to tell the committee in mid-may that he did not approve an investigation into james owesen's e-mails, phone calls and comes and goingings, but then later said he, holder, did sign off on the warrant. this is regarding the search warrant they obtained from james rowsen's e-mail. the american people and congress deserve answers on this important matter and accountability from attorney general holder. we expect to have all of questions answered completely. holder testified before the house judiciary committee on may 15th and he was asked about the rosen leak investigation. this is what he told lawmakers. . >> with regard to the potential prosecution
FOX News
Jun 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
and climate change legislation. eric, they spent millions and millions of dollars in europe, in germany, in denmark, in spain, in italy and they have since backed off all of these. i see this as a different tactic. i see this as a change the topic, give a speech on something besides anything like the malfeasance that's happening in the alphabet soup of scandal back home. >> we've got to change the topic, bob. >> do you really think you can put 7 billion people on this planet and not have any change? >> that is perfect science. perfect science! >> you know that it was warmer before there was industrialization. >> yes, i do. >> all right. >> we've got to move on. on immigration, the border battle is still bubbling. one says border first, the other says legalization first. who's going to prevail? we went this way. let's go back this way. close the border first, that would be the rand paul/ted cruz idea. marco rubio on the other hand says, go ahead, let's get legalization first. we'll work on the border after. where are you? >> i think they have to do the border first. and i think that's th
Jun 21, 2013 6:00am PDT
of summer, i'm eric thomas. >> all good things, right? it is 6 a.m. i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. hand you over to leyla. >> first day of summer, live doppler 7 hd radar satellite. we have some coastal fog. in fact, show you a live picture from our sutro tower cam, out looking toward the ocean, you can see how the wispy clouds are coming in, will burn off by this afternoon, going to be seeing those temperatures coming up. 7 a.m., get you out the door, upper 50s as far as inland temperatures are concerned, 58 degrees by the way you 52 along the coast ramps up about 20 degrees by noontime and then another 10 degrees by 4 p.m. but it will start to cool off there, evening hours, another great day tomorrow, all changes on sunday. accuweather seven-day forecast in a minute. for now, it is a dump truck fire that is on surface streets in oakland, international boulevard, one-way traffic control is in effect, detours are in place. we take you back over to the bay bridge, eastbound side, anchorage, between anchorage and the metering lights, where we have some construction that is going to
Jun 21, 2013 5:00am PDT
speeds. katie, eric? >> thanks. 5:09 now. >>>ing look for a job, san jose may you can the place to be. the bloomberg business report is next. >>> also, ross stores are hit with a big fine. what the government says they did that put children's safety in danger. >>> talk about a romantic flight, the one-of-a-kind marriage proposal that had the bride-to-be in tears high in the sky. >>> first, here's this morning's tech bit >> today's tech bites, video comes to instagram, uses the popular photo app will now be able to record and share 15-second videos with the help of a new image stabilization technology. here's what insta graham's founder says about the new service u >> that just right moment between too short feels con strange and too long which takes too long to download over a mobile network. >> the new feature is available for ios and an dried users. volvo is taking the self-parking car to the next level, their new concept vehicle allows drivers to get out of the entrance of a parking lot and the car >>> a very good friday morning to you all. coming up on 5:13. how is this for a gorg
FOX News
Jun 16, 2013 7:00am PDT
's news headquarters." i'm eric. >> and i'm heather. iran is preparing to send 4,000 troops to support syrian president bashar al assad. this as egypt cuts ties with egypt and jordan is ready to respond to any threats. peter ducie is live, peter. >> reporter: heather, the united states says they will not put boots on the ground. ben rhodes says that is the one option that has been taken off the table but through a program run by the cia the united states will be arounding the ribrebels. the pentagon is putting aircraft and missiles in nearby jordan. a spokesman said secretary hagel has approved a request from the kingdom of jordan for a detachment of f-16s and patriot missiles in jordan. all other u.s. personnel assigned to jordan for eeg garr lion will depart at the conclusion of the exercise. the united states enjoys a long-standing partnership with jordan and is committed to its defense, but some key lawmakers don't think all of that is enough. this morning republican senator lindsey graham urged president obama to enforce a no fly zone over syria. >> last year a 15ds was isolated.
Jun 14, 2013 6:00pm PDT
go. jeopardy! round, one daily double round, and these catego eric first... ries. alex: the man.e catego eric matt, start. "u" know it, $200 eric. what is an urban legend? you got it. having fun around the world for $200. eric. what is stonehenge? correct. around the world for $400. john. what is mt. fuji? good. around the world -- $600. enjoying a musical performance at this venue. john. what is the sydney opera house? yes. around the world, $800. answer -- daily double. we're finding it very early.
Jun 18, 2013 3:00pm PDT
items. first of all, i have an in memoriam for eric aarons who tragically passed away on june 13th at the age of 44, four years after being diagnosed with brain cancer. originally from michigan, eric moved to our city in the late 1990s after completing his ph.d. in physics and he worked for well over a decade at the stanford research institute in the specialty of optics. but like many san franciscans, he was deeply passionate about what he did outside of his work, with the few friends he started and ran the dolores park movie night. way an avid kayaker and frisbee player and took roles planning trips and events to draw nonfrisbee and kayaking friends to join in the love of the sports. after diagnosis with cancer, he started a frisbee tournament which raised well over $12,000 over the past number of years. he mentored young people, protecting and enjoying the california environment that he loved. he was incredibly generous with his time, with his smile, and with his wit. he was a tenacious fighter in the face of challenges that few of us can imagine. in addition to his mother, his s
Jun 16, 2013 8:30pm PDT
, or summer jobs, actually, here. >> good morning, everyone, mayor lee, supervisors, department heads. eric mcdonald chief operating officer for united way of the bay area. we are thrilled to be partnering again with mayor lee, city departments, and our private sector leaders to provide jobs and internships this summer. last summer mayor lee raised his hand, let the nation, i should say, raising his hand to say we in san francisco will make a commitment to investing in the lives of our young people in creating jobs and internships that, one, will hopefully inspire them to sofa focused on their educational pursuits and two have them see the vision and the opportunities that are in public sector and public sector jobs. last summer we celebrated over 5200 jobs and internships. 39% of which became permanent jobs. we have a longer term vision that is not simply a summer job program, but a year round program. and ultimately we want to see a pipeline that is connected to our k-12 program, our crick will you have as well as our academies that leads thened to the city college connection of vocationa
Jun 20, 2013 5:00am PDT
. >> i'm eric thomas. summer is just hours away. let's check in with leyla gulen for the forecast. >> can you test it? i can. it's tomorrow. first full day of summer that is. it will begin today at 10:04. we'll see clear conditions. waking up to clear skies this morning as we look at live doppler 7 hd satellite. no fog really. just maybe a couple patches that are grazing the coastline but no cloud cover. what we do have is a high wind advisory craft advisory for later on this afternoon. starting at noon through this evening. currently wind conditions are pretty calm in most places. gusts up to 23 miles per hour at half moon bay. currently taking a look from our roof cam toward the bay bridge gorgeous shot there. we do have temperatures in the mid to low 50s. i'll have your full forecast coming up in just a bit. right now, our traffic is doing a number on our traffic. as we look at southbound 101 off-ramp there's a fender-bender causing slowing making your commute in the southbound direction. alongside 80 in eastbound direction 205 makes that merge there. there's a look at san rafael south
Jun 20, 2013 1:00pm PDT
no power to do anything except say i don't know why i'm here. >> poor old eric cantor is crying into his cranberry juice moaning to democrats about the fact he had 24 who promenised t vote and he didn't get the number. >> that was my favorite tweet, his chief of staff saying it was the democrats' fault saying they don't have any control over the house of representatives. you have kevin mccarthy. the majority leader eric cantor. do they even care if john boehner looks like an idiot? do they precount the votes in that is kevin mccarthy's job. to david's point, you shouldn't be bringing bills to the floor unless you have a count. they couldn't even getting a gri business taken care of. >> it's very true. i'm afraid we don't have enough time for any more laughs. joy reid and david corn, and great thanks to eric cantor. >>> coming up, snap goes the farm bill. it's another questionable moment in the life and times of the great speaker. >> what is happening on the floor today was a demonstration of major amateur hour. they didn't get results, and they put the blame on somebody else. the boys us
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Jun 21, 2013 8:00pm EDT
eric holder out. there is a pursuit we all share. a better life for your famy, a bett opportunity for your business, a better legacy to leave the world. we have always believed in this pursuit, riving to bring insight to ery investment, and integrity to every plan. we are morgan stanley. and we're ready to work for you. [ slap! ] [ slap! slap! slap! slap! ] ow! ow! [ malennouncer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back ft with tums. calcium-rich tums starts working so fast you'll forget you had heartburn. ♪ tum tum tum tum tums a friend under water is something completely different. i t a turtle friend today. avo: whatever you're looking for, expedia has more wayto help you find yours. charles: attorney general eric cole are holding his job, for now. but maybe not for long. six in six republicans a accounttng coffee attorney general's resignation and 7 democrats waiting to hold them in contempt. the attorney general is running out of support and running out of time. chris. >> that is a true fact. the situation with the attorney general right now is that he is much detest
FOX Business
Jun 22, 2013 3:00am EDT
, not just republicans. both parties joining forces and that could force eric holder out. charles: attorney general eric cole are holding his job, for now. but maybe not for long. six in six republicans a accounttng coffee attorney general's resignation and 7 democrats waiting to hold them in contempt. the attorney general is running out of suppt and running out of time. chris. >> that is a true fact. the situation with the attorney neral right now is that he is much detested on the right but has become quite inconvenient on the left for democrats he is an ever present reminder of some of the things the liberal base dislikes t most particularly overaggressi tactics in dealing with reporters and dealing with leaks. there are things in theast, the fast and furious most notably but when it gets to things like the associated press and overbroad subpoena for associated press records and james rosen e-mail accounts an phone records, that's when democrats starts to get a little queasy and theonger he is therend republicans can continue to demand his dparture the more uncomfortable democrats will
FOX News
Jun 15, 2013 10:00am PDT
reportedly lied under oath while testifying before congress, attorney general eric holder has now agreed to finally set times -- or set the record straight. hello, everyone. i'm kelly rice. >> and i'm patti ann brown. welcome to a new hour inside america's news quarters. holder will meet with committee leaders next week in a closed door session to explain questionable testimony in which he initially said he had no knowledge of the justice department's controversial surveillance of u.s. journalists. this despite his having personally signed off on a warrant for a private e-mail account belonging to our james rosen. molly is live in washington with more on this. good morning, molly. >> good morning, patti. good morning, kelly. attorney general eric holder will meet privately, but he'll also answer questions by in writing by the close of business on wednesday. bob goodlatte and jim sensenbrenner, both republicans, say they're giving holder a second chance to clarify his may testimony on the james rosen leak investigation. specifically, why holder appeared to tell lawmakers that he did not a
FOX News
Jun 18, 2013 2:00pm PDT
. >>> i am andrea tan tar as, with bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld, eric bolling. this is "the five." >>> the obama administration kicks into overdrive to quiet the outcry over its spying agenda. in an interview that aired last night, the president broke his silence of more than a week to discuss the controversy. here he is defending the secret surveillance program. >> if you are a u.s. person, the nsa cannot listen to your telephone calls unless they, and usually it wouldn't be they, it would be the fbi, go to a court and obtain a warrant and seek probable cause, the same way it has always been. nsa is not listening to your phone calls, it is not targeting your e-mails unless it is getting an individualized court order. >> and his nsa director, keith alexander made another appearance on the hill today to double down. >> in recent years these programs together with other intelligence has protected the u.s. and our allies from terrorist threats across the globe, to include helping prevent the potential terrorist events over 50 times since 9/11. these programs are critical to the inte
Jun 19, 2013 10:00pm PDT
for further nuclear arms reductions, we're joined by eric edelman, underscretary of defense for policy in the george w. bush administration. he's now at the center for strategic and budgetary assessments. and joseph cirincione, president of ploughshares fund, a foundation that seeks to rid the world of nuclear weapons. welcome to you both. joe cirincione, to you first. what is the case for and why is the president now calling for these further reductions coming so soon after the really big, huge reductions of just a couple of years ago? >> well, the reductions of a couple of years ago in the new start actually just tweaked the current u.s. arsenals. you heard the president today, margaret. he said as long as nuclear weapons exist we are not truly safe. he's echoing the vision of ronald reagan who wanted to abolish nuclear weapons from the face of the earth and john f. kennedy who said we must abolish the weapons of war before they abolish us. what the president has done is restart his nuclear policy that actually has been pretty dead in the water for the last couple of years. he's sayi
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